Find Your Textile Testing Solutions with Chiuvention at ITMA 2023

Find Your Textile Testing Solutions with Chiuvention at ITMA 2023

Let’s Date at ITMA 2023 with ChiuVention

This summer, from June 8th to 14th, 2023, ChiuVention is looking forward to seeing you at E301, Hall 4, Fiera Milano, Italy. We will showcase the latest innovations in smart textile testing and the SmarTexLab system at the ITMA2023 exhibition, and also recruit global agents for the first time.

9 smart textile testing instruments for you to experience on-site;

The SmarTexLab system expects to connect with you;

The latest innovations in the textile testing field are waiting for you to taste.

ChiuVention, a high-level textile testing instrument brand, means longer-term relationship and considerable value for you.

Test Smart Now

ChiuVention is a high-tech enterprise focused on the research and development and sales of Smart Testing Instruments in the textile industry.

With the advent of the digital age and the growth of the middle class, the market demand for clothing and fashion products is becoming increasingly diverse, which poses challenges for various brands in the industry, including product diversification, small batch orders, and rapid updates.

Based on this, ChiuVention has developed a series of smart and automated textile testing instruments. Through IOT automation, mobile app technologies and functionalities, remote setting and control of the instruments can be achieved. By diving into ChiuVention textile testing systems, all departments of the supply chain, from brand buyers to suppliers, can monitor the testing process and obtain results in real-time, and the testing records at each link can be traced. ChiuVention is a powerful partner for various brands and supply chain enterprises to achieve the perfect development of “fast fashion.”

As a company serving the global market, 90% of our customers come from overseas markets.We mainly cooperate with clothing brands and supply chain enterprises such as NIKE, Under Armour, and Adidas. In addition, we have partnerships with national laboratories and university research institutes, such as the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and the Navy Research Institute in the United States. We are also a long-term partner of international authoritative third-party testing organizations such as SGS, ITS, TUV, and a qualified supplier of testing instruments for automobile brands and their supply chains such as Tesla and Li Auto.

What ChiuVention Provide?

ChiuVention creates smart & holistic textile testing solutions, providing you faster with reliable results.

Textile testing machines with SMARTEXLAB ECOSYSTEM

Chiuvention provides a wide scope of textile machines which can fulfill various properties, applications, standards of the textile.

1. Textile Testing Machines by Properties

  • Abrasion / Pilling / Snagging
  • Bursting / Tear / Tensile
  • Colour Fastness Testing
  • Air / Water / Vapour Permeability
  • Flammability Testing
  • Dyeing / Finishing Testing
  • Flexing
  • Fineness / Thickness / Length / Density / Twist
  • Softness / Stiffness
  • Shrinkage / Dimensional Change
  • Fatigue
  • GSM / Cutter
  • Impact
  • Climatic Chamber
  • Others

2.Textile Testing Machines by Application

  • Medical Masks / Protective Clothing
  • Cotton / Wool / Fiber
  • Yarn
  • Fabric
  • Leather / Shoes
  • Zipper / Button / Fastening Tape
  • Gloves / Socks
  • Garments
  • Toy
  • Sampling
  • Others

Applicable to Various Testing Standards

The method of testing and evaluating the properties of textiles are different in each country or region, and the detection method and the test standard are generally designated by the buyer, if the textile is exported to a certain country or region, it also meets local testing standards.

ChiuVention instruments are applicable to the following standards: GB, Chinese standard; EN for European countries; AATCC and ASTM for the Americas; BS for England; AS, for Australia; DIN, for Germany; JIS, for Japan; IWS, It is suitable for most countries in the world, mainly to wool products; and so on.

Comprehensive Consumables

ChiuVention provides you one-stop soluton for tensile testers’ consumables, featuring a rich variety of grips and fixtures for different tensile testing purpose.


To guarantee the accuracy of your instruments at any time, we offer you calibration instructions and on-site calibration services. Contact us for instant calibration support or we will prepare an appointment for you at your site.


Our team of experienced engineers offer online support with quick and easy solutions for instrument repair and maintenance. For local support we have partners around the world.

Stay close with ChiuVention SMARTTEXLAB

We have developed a unique SmarTexLab system that links instruments and mobile phones, equipped with IOT , allows friendly communication between textile brand owners and downstream supply chain enterprises. In the SmarTexLab system, from brand buyers to suppliers, all parties can monitor the testing process and obtain results in real-time through their mobile phones, and every testing record can be traced. This makes textile testing more transparent, reliable, and efficient.

Most of Chiuvention testing machines are equipped with IOT functions, which is the strength of our brand and make us stand out.



Automate the whole testing procedure, from test material recognition, selection of test process to test report analysis and real time transmission of results, The whole process can be remotely initiated monitored and controlled via our SmartTexLab mobile app. Additionally you will get automatic reminders for maintenance, calibration and consumable replenishment.


We can offer you high quality service,  lab building assistance and are eager to support you with our deep knowledge of textiles and testing instruments.


With high quality standards and intensive test procedures we ensure that all of our instruments meet your requirements for a high repeatability and reproducibility.

Contact Us

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Industrial Zone No.1, Ganyuan Road, Shimei, Wanjiang, Dongguan, Guangdong, China

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